Saturday, June 5, 2010

Not very surprising ! But datz one last bye ...

Now i really knw the indications that say "You ve almost finished college " :

Unusually u see Teachers smile at you when you meet them..

You have a LOT of notes piled up in/on your desk.. and dat too which you hardly knw what it is about ..

People ask you "So watz next ?"

You get calls from x where x is known to y , y is a friend of z and z apparently knows you, about the college you are going to pass out of. questions range from 'You think my daughter will fit with the crowd' to 'what is the cut-off percentage man'.

Your parents are ready to buy you as many clothes as you want but you cant think of occassions to wear them.

You fill out slam books.. scribble down everything dat identifies you, ur twitter acc,orkut, facebook, your numerous identities with all the telephone providers in the countries..and yes finally your bday! (who would miss dat )

Google shows 40 friends online and twitter timelines crowded, although all of them have exams.

You ve had a marvellous farewell party.

You already miss the night-outs and a game of cards that lasted till dawn.

You badly want to have some special ones right next to you always !!

And this anxiety drives you into thoughts abt days which you finally realise " dat jus finished off too fast .."

Was it all about " Enjoy it nw.. bcoz you have gotto feel happy about all what you once did while you had the excuse to say" i m still in college, no big deal.. its part of fun and thrill"

Once last day and then it was a numb bye..

(PS: compiled from observations of various personalities with or without their permissions..)

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  1. reading these lines does bring an ache somewhere in my heart,to know that it's all over,to realize that it's all never gonna come back again.n the numb last goodbye was so true.maybe it's yet to sink in everyone that it is the "last goodbye".